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We know you want to be proud of your car’s appearance, whether your ride is brand new or one with miles on the clock. A cut and polish is a restorative treatment for cars of any age that you should aim to have done at least once a year to protect the colour and coating of the finish.

The cut and polish process is particularly important for heavily-driven or older cars that have been exposed to the elements and other factors of wear and tear. The focus of a cut and polish is on refreshing the car’s paintwork. It eliminates microscopic scratches, oxidisation, fade marks and blemishes often seen on well-used vehicles. On top of all that, it includes a thorough wash to remove dirt and grime and a final high-glaze to bring your car back to life.

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Why your Car needs a Cut and Polish

Also known as paint correction, the cut and polish service is required in more significant cases to restore a car’s original appearance beyond that of a regular polish, wax, wash or detailing. If your car’s paintwork is scratched, dulled, faded, or if it is becoming papery as a result of oxidation, then it could do with a cut and polish. It will revitalise that brilliant finish your car would have once boasted.

A cut and polish buffs out:

  • Light scratches – Usually found in the form of small swirl marks. Microscopic scratches are one of the most common imperfections seen on cars in need of a cut and polish. Often caused by incorrect washing methods with a harsh cloth.
  • Door handle marks – Caused as a result of scratching the paint underneath and around the door handle when opening the car door. Can be removed with a cut and polish as long as the scratches are shallow.
  • Side and rear panel marks – Anything that brushes up against your car can leave microscopic scratches. In most cases, it is done when driving past bushes or caused by over-scrubbing during a standard car wash.
  • Oxidised paintwork – A haze or oxidisation in the paint when your car is left exposed to the sun without a clear top protective coat. This might be the result of a panel which needed repairing and repainting or a poor cut and polish job.
  • Holograms – Swishes and marks that may only reveal themselves after a car detailing. Caused by a poor cut and polish using bad tools and an abrasive compound.

What does ‘cutting’ mean in a cut and polish?

The “cut” in the cut and polish refers to removing a very thin layer of the clear coat on the car’s finish by using a cutting compound. It is highly recommended that you take your car to a specialist to get this done, like the highly experienced team at Star Car Wash. It involves the use of professional tools and chemical compounds that, if used incorrectly, may result in more damage than good to your car.

What is the difference between a Car Wax and Cut and Polish?

The second part of the cut and polish provides the finishing touch to the restoration process. Both waxing and polishing are performed to bring out the best in a car’s finish, but there are differences in their applications.

Car Wax

Waxing is the more gentle process of the two, and is applied after a wash to really make the car finish ‘pop’. It’s done using non-abrasive contents and can be applied regularly to keep your car in outstanding condition. Waxes come in spray, liquid and paste forms but all essentially do the same thing. They add a protective coating to the paintwork that guards against dirt, debris, water marks and potential microscopic scratching. Waxing also has the added benefit of prolonging the brilliant shine in car paint.

Car Cut and Polish

Polishing your car’s finish is a more aggressive technique used to remove the top transparent coating on a car. It therefore requires the use of abrasive compounds. Think of it as an exfoliant: a special process carried out once or twice a year to restore the harsher imprints left over time by the wear and tear of driving and washing. A cut and polish will protect the colour of your car for a much longer time than a normal wax.

The Star Car Wash Cut and Polish

We are Australia’s leading professional hand wash and detailing provider with over 19 years in the business. Last year we helped more than 1.1 million cars look like new again. Star Car Wash’s cut and polish service restores your car’s brilliant glossy finish. We perform a 2-stage correction process to remove minor surface damage and restore the condition of your car’s paintwork.

Our cut and polish also includes:

  • Foam wash
  • Two bucket scratch-free washing
  • Light paint decontamination
  • Two-stage paint correction
  • Polished high-glaze sealant

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