We advise removing as much “clutter” as possible from the boot, seats, side pockets & console area, and any valuables. Any rubbish left on the floor of the vehicle will be disposed of. Please take some time when you drop your car off to indicate any damaged areas of the vehicle and any areas you wish to pay particular attention to ensure you are satisfied.

Please ensure you check your car before you leave. If any area of the vehicle has been missed, please highlight this to the onsite manager and it will be rectified on the spot. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Service team on 02 9700 7420 or customercare@starcarwash.com.au.

Hand Car Washing is a labour-based process which relies on time & labour to clean the cars.  Pricing is therefore based on these components to clean a car.  Cars with excessive soilage (whether interior or exterior) require additional time to clean and as such may be subject to a soilage surcharge.  The onsite manager should always discuss and agree any additional charges before the wash commences, as such it is your decision whether to accept the surcharge and for the wash to proceed. 

Star Car Wash is a labour-based business, as such pricing is dependent on the time it takes to clean vehicles.  Larger vehicles take longer to clean which is why the cost is higher.

Examples of X-Large vehicles include (but are not limited to): Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, KIA Sorento, BMW X7, Mercedes Van, Mercedes GLS, Land Rover Discovery, Mazda CX-9, Skoda Kodiaq, Volvo XC90, Ford Raptor, RAM 1500, GMC Yukon etc.

You can find the contact details for each of our sites on their location page on our website. If you do not have a successful resolution, contact our Customer Service team through either:
 Phone  02 9700 7420
 Email  customercare@starcarwash.com.au

However, you can find their contact details on our locations page if you’d like to contact a specific branch.

An Express wash usually takes 25 – 45 minutes. A Star wash usually takes 45 – 60 minutes. A Platinum wash usually takes around 60 – 90 minutes. A Star Polish usually takes 75 – 110 minutes. However, these times will vary depending on your vehicle’s specific requirements.

Yes, simply go to the Star Car Wash website and on the top right of the homepage you will find an option to Change Booking.

Yes, you can cancel your booking. However, it is recommended to do so within a reasonable time frame to avoid any cancellation fees.

No. Our stores are sufficiently staffed to perform any wash or detailing service without a booking. Online bookings are available if you want to secure a specific time slot. Our online booking system ensures the customer has a 3-hour window before arriving at the car wash. This is to allow due notice to our staff to prepare for the booking and to offer priority in accepting the vehicle. Payment is accepted by credit card, PayPal and Afterpay.

We’ll notify you by SMS when your vehicle is ready. Please let the attendant know when you expect your vehicle to be ready. We will do our best to accommodate you. You may leave your vehicle in our parking bays, but your wash service does not cover centre parking charges.

We recommend bringing your car in no later than half an hour before closing time.

We recommend every two to three weeks if you drive regularly. However, how often you need your car washed will depend on many factors such as how often you drive, where you drive, and where you park.

We offer egift cards and gift vouchers – an ideal present for car enthusiasts and those who appreciate a clean vehicle.

Gift vouchers are valid for 36 months (provided they have NOT been discounted). The validity period for discounted vouchers will vary depending on the discount.

The loyalty program is no longer actively supported and is not accepting new members. Existing loyalty members click here to find out more

The loyalty program is no longer actively supported and is not accepting new members. Existing loyalty members click here to find out more

We’ll send you an email with your receipt after we’ve processed your payment. We’ll also email you after you’ve made a booking to double-check you’re being billed for the correct service.

Car waxing and polishing serve distinct purposes in car care. Polishing is a process that uses abrasive compounds to remove imperfections like swirl marks and scratches, restoring the paint’s clarity and smoothness. Waxing involves applying a protective layer over the paint to shield it from environmental elements and add a glossy shine.

While polishing corrects imperfections, waxing primarily protects and enhances the paint’s appearance. These two processes are often combined, with polishing preceding waxing in a typical car care routine to achieve corrective and protective benefits. 

A clay bar treatment is when a detailing clay bar removes contaminants such as tree sap, dust and bird droppings from your paint’s surface. Clay bar treatment is one of the services we offer as part of our exterior detailing and polish packages.

We distinguish ourselves with our professional hand washing techniques, attention to detail and personalised care, ensuring your vehicle receives the best treatment possible. Automated car washes are unable to clean the entire vehicle and their brushes increase the risk of scratching paintwork.

A professional hand car wash is often more environmentally friendly than other car washing methods. Traditional car washes with automatic car wash machines can waste hundreds of litres of water per wash, putting strain on local water supplies. Furthermore, aside from just water wastage, washing your vehicle at home could send the water and chemicals into the street and down the storm drain, which ultimately flows straight into our rivers and the ocean.

In an age where environmental responsibility is crucial, we’re committed to doing our part. We’ve adopted eco-friendly cleaning methods that minimize water consumption and also utilize biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaning agents including pH neutral shampoos, minimizing the release of harmful chemicals into the environment.