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If you want the very best for your car, you’ve come to the right place.
Star Car Wash is Australia’s leading professional car cleaning service and has been helping customers maintain the value of their cars for over 19 years.

100% committed to hand washing, Star Car Wash prides itself on delivering a quality and convenient experience at over 150 locations throughout Australia.  Last year we helped more than 1.1 million cars look like new again. 

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Ally W
Fantastic customer service, your smiles were as bright as my car by the time it was finished. The detail was absolutely worth the price. I’m very happy with the work! Thank you
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Joanne A
The clean and polish is the best I’ve had, and it looks like a new car. It was even sanitised which is a must in these times!
Macquarie Shopping Centre
Fred P
Very quick service. Excellent car cleaning including tyres and wheels. Very reasonably priced. I will return to your car wash.
Baulkham Hills
Selina B
Was great service, quick for the job that had to be done but looked amazing after. Very polite staff.
Lisa H
The vehicle was cleaned immaculately, I highly recommend Star Car Wash in Greenslopes Mall for your detailing needs.
Greenslopes Mall

Our Services

We take pride in the range and quality of services we provide our customers. From regular washing to full detailing, we’ll keep your car looking it absolute best.

Platinum Wash (Interior & Exterior Plus)

Our most popular service, for vehicles that require a little extra attention. An exterior wash that leaves the car gleaming, with cleaning throughout the interior.

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Star Polish

Our deluxe package that includes a longer lasting protective hand wax polish, a clay bar treatment for tougher exterior marks with cleaning throughout the interior.

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Star Wash (Interior & Exterior)

Our exterior wash and interior footwell, carpet and mats vacuum for customers who regularly wash their car.

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Express Wash (Exterior Hand Wash)

Exterior clean for that quick, regular wash. We remove external grime and debris using PH neutral shampoo.

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We take pride in the range and quality of services we provide our customers. Our team are specially trained and use the latest detailing techniques and products to provide the very best finish.

Interior Detail

Our most popular Platinum wash, with additional interior detailing including seat cleaning and conditioning as well as removal of all glass smears and streaks.

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Full Detail

Our most prestigious service. Full clean, and polish protection with scratch and swirl mark reduction to revitalise and restore colour and shine. You’ll feel like you’re getting into a new car!

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Paint Protection

The complete full detail service, with additional paint protection treatment providing unrivalled protection against the harsh Australian elements

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Check out these exclusive Star Car Wash offers to save on our hand car wash and car detailing services.

Online Booking Special

Book a Star Polish and get $10 off

Star Gift Vouchers & Loyalty Books

Save 10% on gift vouchers until 4th Sept 2022, they make a great surprise gift, and regular customers can save 20% with our loyalty books

Regular Care

Get your regular care package for your vehicle now. Package contains 3 x Express and 2 x Platinum wash vouchers. Purchase now and save 30%.

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From basic wash services to full detailing and paint protection, we have a service to match your needs

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Sites are open 7 days per week (check our site locator for latest times due to COVID-19)

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Our staff will be ready and waiting to make your car look like new again


All-Terrain Car Protection on Toyota FJ Cruiser

Car Wax and Polish

Protect your paintwork and give your car that extra shine If your car’s bodywork has lost its shine, a professional

Rover Velar with All-Terrain Car Protection

All-Terrain Car Protection

Australia is a land of amazing beauty that ignites the spirit of adventure in us all. We can traverse through


Our stores are sufficiently staffed to be able to perform any car wash or car detailing service without a booking.  Booking online is available for the Platinum wash and all our car detailing services.

Yes, simply visit Book Online and click on Change Booking in the top right of the page.

We advise removing as much “clutter” from boot, seats, side pockets & consul area as possible. This includes all water bottles and coins. Remove all valuables from the vehicle. Any “rubbish” left on the floor of the vehicle will be disposed of. Take some time to indicate any damaged areas of the vehicle to the attendant including if the vehicle was recently re-sprayed or any chipped paint areas. Indicate any areas where you would like us to pay particular attention to ensure satisfaction.

A Star wash is a basic exterior and interior service for customers who wash their cars regularly. A Platinum Wash is a service that requires more care and time for cars that have no been washed in a while.

Greater attention to the interior of the vehicle is included with a Platinum wash. Visit Car Wash Services for more details.

A customer who has not made any purchases (non-use) within a 6 month period from last points accumulation – will revert to 0

Please note Star reserve the right to advise that heavily soiled vehicles, dog hair, tar & bug removal may attract additional charges for online bookings.

Unfortunately due to persistent labour shortage issues caused by COVID-19 we are unable to accept online bookings for Star and Express washes during Nov, Dec and Jan which are our busiest months. Star and Express washes are still available for drive-up customers. Alternatively you are still able to book our most popular Platinum wash or any of our detailing service online. Star and Express washes will be available to book online again from January. We appreciate your understanding.


The cost to repair the scratches and scuffs on your car depend on how many there are, whether they are located together and how deep they are. For an accurate and competitive mobile scratch repair quote please click here. Did you know that we use the latest <name> paint technology which allows us to match ANY original paint colour?

The cost to fix a dent depends on the size of the dent and where it is located on the car. For an accurate and competitive mobile dent repair quote please click here.

Absolutely! Cloudy headlights are very common and caused by oxidisation. We have a comprehensive restoration process that’ll get them shining like new again. For an accurate and competitive quote please click here.

Generally, it depends on the size of the dent, as well as the level of excess cover on your policy. We tend to find that in most instances, the cost of mobile scratch and repair services is far less than the excess cost and so we are a more cost-effective option. For an accurate and competitive quote please click here.

In our experience, they can work on shallow dents that are on a flat and flexible surface. They can improve the appearance but rarely create a perfect finish. DIY dent pullers generally don’t work on deep or angular dents. For an accurate and competitive mobile dent repair quote please click here.

A small dent may just look like a slight blemish, but the real risk lies in the potential damage to the paintwork.  Cracks can allow water to seep underneath the paint and protective coating to reach the unprotected metal which can lead to rust over time. That small dent can eventually mean a sizeable reduction in resale value. Fixing a dent straight away will invariably cost you less in the long-term. For an accurate and competitive mobile dent repair quote please click here.

The greatest danger from scratches is the impact to paintwork. If the paintwork and protective coating have been compromised, water can seep underneath and attack the unprotected metal. Over time this can lead to rust and significantly reduce resale value. Fixing a scratch or scuff straight away will invariably cost you less in the long-term. For an accurate and competitive mobile scratch repair quote please click here.