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Getting your car professionally detailed is one of the best ways to protect your automobile investment. Not only will the look and feel of your car be dramatically improved, you will also enhance your car’s resale value while protecting your paintwork from wear and tear.

While an automated car wash may be less expensive than professional car detailing, it simply cannot restore your car to its original pristine condition. During professional car detailing, an expert detailer will use specialised products and tools to wash, polish and protect your vehicle, restoring that “like-new” feeling.

Keep reading to learn more about the average cost of car detailing and what services you can expect from the car detailing experts at Star Car Wash.

What is car detailing?

A professional car detail is the art and craft of restoring a car to its showroom look and feel, both inside and out.

Detailing is much more thorough and labour intensive than a simple automated car wash. A detail technician will meticulously clean, polish and protect both the exterior and interior of your vehicle by hand, including hard-to-reach areas like the trunk jambs and wheel wells.

While an automated car wash simply cleans the exterior of your vehicle, car detailing focuses on preserving its value. Car detailing can remove stains, odours and blemishes, revitalise interiors, restore paintwork and protect it from wear and tear.


What is involved in car detailing?

When you choose to have your car detailed, there are many different services available. Most professional detailers offer an interior detailing package and a full-detailing package that combines both the interior and exterior detailing of your car.

Interior detailing services can include:

  • A thorough vacuum of all mats, footwells, seats and boot
  • Leather seat cleaning and conditioning treatments
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Cleaning and conditioning of dashboard and internal trims
  • Interior glass cleaning to remove smears and streaks

Exterior detailing services can include:

  • Wheel cleaning
  • Tyre shine
  • Clay bar and buffing restoration
  • Protective wax polish to clean and enhance paintwork
  • Conditioning of external trims
  • Exterior glass cleaning

Additional services may also be available like premium paint protection.

How much does car detailing cost?

Car detailing typically costs between $185 and $400 depending on the service you choose. Naturally, interior detailing only will be less expensive than a full car detail. This cost may be influenced by your vehicle’s size and condition.

Remember that while price is an important factor, it is not the only one you should consider. An automated car wash is much cheaper at face value, but car detailing is performed by hand and provides better and longer lasting results.

Ready to enjoy that ‘new car feeling’?

Star Car Wash is Australia’s leading professional hand wash & detailing provider. We offer a variety of premium 100% hand wash and car detailing services that will fit your needs and your budget.

Our unrivalled knowledge of hand washing and vehicle detailing techniques will leave your car with a showroom look and feel that is protected to last. Unlike regular car washes that simply surface clean your vehicle, our expert car detailers will remove stains, swirl marks and blemishes, restore the shine to your paintwork and leave your car in its best possible condition.

We also offer a premium paint protection detailing service that will provide your vehicle with unparalleled protection against the elements.

For over 19 years, we’ve been helping our customers enjoy that ‘new car feeling’ once more. If you would like your own vehicle professionally restored by our expert detailers, book online today or visit your nearest Star Car Wash branch.


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