For many of us the first memories of washing a car are as a youngster, bucket and sponge in hand, helping Mum or Dad on a Sunday morning.

For a lot of people, that’s still the way they clean their car.

But what most people don’t realise is the inherent risk, and potential damage, to their car from washing at home.

The greatest risk comes from the fondly-remembered bucket and sponge – if you are not putting the sponge into clean water EVERY time, the sponge is picking up dirty water and those dirt particles can scratch the paintwork.

Over time those scratches can become very noticeable.

Then what soaping agent is being used? Is it specifically designed to protect the car’s coating or, as in the case with my Dad, just washing up liquid?

Washing up liquid delivers beautiful bubbles that look like they are cleaning the car wonderfully, but unless the liquid is pH balanced (which very few washing up liquids are), it has the potential to damage the coating and polish, which eventually makes the bodywork more vulnerable to contaminants.

Once washed, how the car is dried plays a huge part in the final look. If it is just driven around the block or worse, left to drip dry, water that dries through the sun can leave marks that can be very difficult to remove.

Then finally – what about the impact to the environment? The average home car wash uses a whopping 150 litres of water. This soapy water contains harmful chemicals which are compounded by the dirt, grease and grime removed from the car. This water has to go somewhere, usually a storm drain and ends up either in a water treatment centre (affecting the water we drink) or in a large body of water (affecting crops and animals). Yuk.

So how is Star Car Wash different?:

  • Our high-pressure hoses are specifically designed to be water-efficient
  • All cleaning products are pH balanced and so safer for your car
  • We use the finest quality cleaning cloths, freshly cleaned before every wash
  • Cars are dried with leather chamois, to give that glistening finish
  • Wash water is treated prior to disposal and so more eco-friendly

There’s nothing more warming that nostalgic memories, but there nothing better for your car than Star Car Wash.


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