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Have you ever really considered the bacteria
that can build up in your car?


Cleanliness and sanitisation are very hot topics right now, but have you ever really considered the bacteria that can build up in your car?

We eat, drink, spill things and can have all sorts of clutter in the car, so perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising to hear that research shows car interiors are full of bacteria* – up to 700 potentially harmful germs per square inch.

That’s about x12 as many germs you might find on a public toilet seat, according to a written statement released with the research.  But whereas public toilets are typically cleaned on a daily basis, when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned and wiped down the surfaces of your car?

Star’s germ hotspot tips:

  1. The steering wheel – the one thing you constantly touch when in the car, which then stores up all the bacterial you’ve had on your hands.  We have become obsessive about washing our hands, but not yet our steering wheels?  Indicator, windscreen wipers and any other regularly touched surfaces can hold huge amounts of bacteria
  2.  Car mats – your shoes bring in a wide array of bacteria from the ground.  These germs can burrow into the fibres of the mat and then contaminate anything that comes into contact with it.  The next time you drop your lipstick or some coins, they could become contaminated
  3.  Between the seats – a favourite spot for spilled food, these dark and enclosed areas are the perfect breeding environment for bacteria
  4.  Air conditioning vents – when humidity is high, water can accumulate in the vents.  This moisture allows bacteria to bloom.

So what can you do to reduce this bacteria growth in your car?

We recommend steam cleaning your seats, mats and footwells as well as an antibacterial wipe down on all interior and exterior touch surfaces.  This should be done annually, though if you have small children using the car then consider a thorough clean every 3-6 months.

If you would prefer the reassurance of a professional service to ensure the highest standards then see your local Star Car Wash for a full detail service.


Star Car Wash recommends sanitising the following touch surfaces throughout the car:


  • Door handles
  • Boot handle


  • Door handles
  • Window controls
  • Storage compartment latch
  • Seats, backs of seats
  • Headrests
  • Seatbelts including buckles
  • Grip handles
  • Centre console
  • Radio and infotainment system
  • Dashboard
  • Glovebox exterior
  • Visors
  • Steering wheel and column
  • Indicator stalk
  • Cruise control lever
  • Gear stick
  • Handbrake
  • Cup holders
  • Mobile phone holders




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