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A tidy car means a tidy mind. We want you to have pride in your vehicle so you look and feel great when out on the road. You likely take good care of your car’s engine, brakes, tyres and other technical components (if not, please do!) so why not the cleanliness of the interior and exterior?

Most people probably don’t wash their cars enough. Usually, it’s because it proves to be too much of a chore, especially outside the summer months. There are a couple of reasons why you should get it done more often, beyond obviously wanting it to sparkle like new! The first is to protect the investment you’ve put into your car. You can slow down its depreciation if you keep it in top condition. That includes ensuring the interior fixtures like the seat upholstery, floor mats and dashboard are all clean and remain in good nick on top of washing and waxing the exterior. Second, and this applies mainly to people living on the coast, washing your car more protects it from the salt and dirt build-up which causes the metal to rust more quickly.

So how often do you actually need to wash your car? The general rule of thumb is every two to three weeks if you drive regularly on local roads and the occasional highway for work and the odd leisure activity. This will of course change depending on how often you drive your car, where you go on your outings, where you park it and if you accommodate animals (or messy eaters).

Where You Drive Your Car

The busier the roads and the more polluted an area is, the more dirt and grime you should expect your car to accumulate. That’s also the case if you’re doing a lot of highway driving surrounded by a lot of heavy polluting trucks and vans, or heading offroad down gravel or dirt paths. If you deal with any of these situations regularly, you may need to wash your car more often than drivers who stick to quieter local roads to keep it looking spick and span.

If you mainly cruise around suburban roads outside a city or busy town centre, you will likely find that you only need to wash your car towards the top end of our estimation – about three or possibly even four weeks.

How often Your Drive Your Car

This one is a simple concept. The more you drive, the more you should wash your car! Your car collects dirt off the ground, from the exhausts of other vehicles and the from the air and elements. As your car gets exposed to these environments you will quickly notice how much dirtier it looks in comparison to other cars around you. You might have to wash your car as often as once a week if you average a very high mileage.

As for the interior, if you stop to eat in your car just think about the bits of wrapping or paper you might not bother to throw in the bin, or the cup that’s been sitting in the middle cup holder for ages. Unfortunately, general wear and tear will happen naturally over time but consider wiping down the steering wheel, seats, compartments and dashboard to get rid of dust and dirt in the crevices.

Who Travels in Your Car

We all love our furry friends, but they can be a huge source of the mess in your car. Pets may leave a lot of marks, stains and hair scattered around the interior – especially if your car does not have extra space at the back designed for luggage or a dog. If your pet ends up sitting across the passenger seats and has particularly sharp claws, be conscious of any scratches or loose stitching they might leave. Lay down matts to mitigate any damage and vacuum up those stray hairs.

Where you Park Your Car

Where you live and park greatly affects the dirt build-up on your car. Leaving your car parked out beside the road means vehicles driving past will spray up additional dirt when you’re not even on the move.

Both tree sap and bird dropping are a car’s biggest enemies. Avoid parking under trees if at all possible, as sap and bird poo is corrosive and can permanently damage your car’s paintwork if left uncleaned. Avoid the temptation to scrape off either with your windscreen wipers. This will be far less of an issue if you keep your car parked on a driveway or in a garage.

The weather plays a major part in how often you need to wash your car depending on where you live. Excessively wet, dry, dusty or windy conditions quickly cover your car in dirt. A high pollen count can also smear a clean finish in the summer season.

What Activities You Participate in

Do you drive every day? Do you have to drive to work? Or is it just for pleasure and on weekend breaks? Take into account the reason for your journey and you’ll better understand where all that dirt comes from. You’ll also be able to best plan your time to clean the car.

If you are preparing for a weekend away – possibly a camping trip, outdoor hike or long drive, wash your car and clean the interior along with making the standard maintenance checks before any extended journey. If you love exercising or playing sports and have to drive to the gym, you will be leaving sweat marks on your seat and steering wheel so check over for those too. You’ll feel great about making the extra effort!

How Star Car Wash can help You

So now you know all the factors that play a part in how often you should be washing your car. There’s every chance you should be washing it more than you currently do. Potentially up to once a week for those who drive a lot. That’s why Star Car Wash is here to help!

Washing your car to squeaky clean cleanliness can be an arduous job. It requires you to set aside a good chunk of time, invest in some quality apparatus and soaps, put your back into giving your car a good scrub and have a bit of know-how to avoid leaving water stains after the fact.

Star Car Wash cater to how much you want to spend:

  • Four levels of Express, Star, Platinum and Polish interior and exterior car washes
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