Save $10 Star Polish & $35 Full Detail for Online Booking!

A full car detailing is more than just a regular car wash – it’s a comprehensive cleaning process that removes dirt, grime, and blemishes from your vehicle’s exterior and revitalises its interior. Although a drive-thru car wash can leave your vehicle looking shiny, it does little to treat scratches, restore paintwork, or preserve its value.

Full car detailing offers countless benefits, including preserving your vehicle’s appearance and overall condition and preventing long-term damage. Our experts use the latest techniques and professional tools to restore your vehicle’s paintwork and remove swirl marks, and other imperfections. This not only leaves your vehicle looking “like new” but protects it from harsh weather and the elements.

At Star Car Wash, we know that your vehicle is more than just a means of transportation – it’s an investment. That’s why we take pride in our full detail service and provide the best possible care for your vehicle.

We offer a comprehensive car detailing process at an affordable price. Book your full car detail today and experience the difference our experts make.

What a Full Detail Includes

From $279, our most prestigious full car detail includes:

Exterior Wash Service

  • High-pressure rinse to remove built-up grime & debris
  • All-over exterior wash using quality mitts/sponges & PH neutral shampoos
  • Gloss tyres & mudflaps

Exterior Finish

  • Apply tyre shine for long-lasting shine
  • Windows & mirror cleaned
  • Wipe door & boot jambs
  • Exterior Detailing -Excludes spot or full buff (POA)
  • Thorough clay bar treatment to remove surface contaminants
  • Scratch & swirl mark reduction treatment
  • Protective wax polish to clean & enhance paintwork
  • Conditioning of external trims

Interior Detailing

  • Seats, carpet, boot & floor mats vacuumed
  • Leather seat cleaning & conditioning treatment
  • Carpet extraction & cloth seat clean
  • Cleaning & conditioning of dashboard & internal trims
  • Clean interior glass to remove smears & streaks


Our full service detail starts from $279.

Prices vary depending on your vehicle’s size and condition. Additional surcharges may apply for heavily soiled vehicles or pet hair removal. Additional charges apply for engine clean or buffing to the vehicle

From $279

From $399

Price on Arrival

Why Choose Star Car Wash?

Much like checking your tyre pressure or inspecting your engine, car detailing is an important part of regular car maintenance. Take a look at our car detailing services to learn how our professional detailers can restore your vehicle and increase its longevity.

Whether you just bought a used car or want to return an old favourite vehicle to its former pristine condition, we can help. Through specialised tools and techniques, our expert detailers will remove blemishes, restore the glossy shine to your paintwork and leave your vehicle in its best possible condition.

Since car detailing is a thorough process, it takes longer than a regular car wash. With locations in all major shopping centres across Australia, you can shop, catch up with friends or even grab a movie while we lovingly restore your car.

If you would like your vehicle professionally restored by our expert detailers, book online today or visit your nearest Star Car Wash branch.


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